MORTGAGES IN CHFIn our Office, we are perfectly aware of the specification of mortgages in CHF and their negative consequences for those who decided to take them.

We have been representing the "CHF-mortgagers" since 2018. We have designed an original court action formula including not only the case-law of Polish courts, but also the case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union, decisions of the Polish Office for Protection of Consumers, and the decisions of the European Commission.

Our efforts have been rewarded in the court judgements: to our clients, we always recommend claiming the CHF mortgage null and void. Our customers satisfaction is guaranteed by the highest quality of our court motions, effective client representation in the courtroom together with our individual approach to every person, and help provided for in each and every step in the legal proceedings.

FAMILY CASESFamily cases are usually a difficult and painful experience of the parties to the court proceedings.

We understand this and give all possible support and care to our clients. Our individual approach aims above all at making sure that our clients, in this difficult time in their lives, are not alone.

We cover all range of possible family issues:

  • divorce;
  • child care and access, child maintenance;
  • division of assets of former spouses after a divorce;
  • division of assets of former partners, including single-sex relationships;
  • inheritance cases.

PERSONAL RIGHTS PROTECTIONIn our Office, we provide legal counselling on all the issues concerning the protection of personal rights of both individual and corporate persons.

We represent our clients in and out of the courtroom. Our knowledge of legal regulations, court case-law, and legal doctrine as well as our professional experience allow us to provide effective representation and legal protection to those who entrusted us with their problems.

HOUSING ASSOCIATIONSIn our Office, we offer professional help in cases concerning housing ownership and associations.

The help we provide covers not only current operations of a housing association (preparation of legal documentation, correspondence with the bodies and managers of the association), but also legal representation before courts in proceedings instituted in order to appeal from the resolutions of housing associations or establish a compulsory management.

CRIMINAL CASESThe area we are particularly experienced with is criminal law. We represent the suspects and the accused at every stage of criminal proceedings as well as the aggrieved parties,

in particular the victims of domestic violence, family offences and sexual offences. Not only our knowledge and experience are offered, but also empathy, sensitiveness, and emotional support allowing our clients to handle the difficult experience of participation in criminal procedures.

ANTIDISCRIMINATION LAWIn our Office, we work in a close cooperation the LGBT+ Association "TOLERADO" which is represented by our office, among others, in the proceedings concerning homophobic hate speech.

We represent LGBT+ community and persons in various legal cases with one common trait, that is the specific situation of LGBT+ community in Poland and the related problems of protection of their rights. We have created a friendly and safe space for everybody discriminated against or maltreated due to their sex or gender, sexual orientation, nationality, and other. We provide representation before Polish courts and administration as well as before the European Court of Human Rights.

EUROPEAN LAWThe role that European Union law plays in the current legal practice is growing. Many legal issues find solutions in the case-law of the Court of Justice of European Union or the European Court of Human Rights.

Those Courts become the courts of last hope for many people disappointed with the functioning of Polish legal system, as it could be seen, among others, with the problem of the CHF mortgages in Poland. With our professional experience, we are able not only to use effectively the case-law of European Courts before Polish courts, but also bring cases and represent our clients before the European Courts.

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